Tarwin Valley

Nestled in the rolling green hills of Southern Gippsland is a valley sprinkled with small vibrant townships, each a little different in what they have to offer, but all identical in the manner in which they offer. Every town sharing a sense of country hospitality that the world had forgotten existed.

The people of Tarwin Valley have always been an industrious and independent lot. From the early days when swamps and wetlands dictated access to the region, individuals had to learn how to manage and thrive by-themselves. Nature has always played a significant role and working in sync with it has been foremost in Tarwin Valley’s development. Common across all is a desire to farm or produce in a sustainable manner.

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Digital Art Collection


The Digital Art Collection launched in March 2014 in Fish Creek by former Deputy Premier and Member for Gippsland South Peter Ryan showcases Tarwin Valley artists and encourages cultural tourism and promotion of local art galleries. “The fastest growing national and international tourism is cultural tourism,” Mr Ryan said.  “This initiative is part of the Coalition… Continue reading »

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Winning Tarwin Valley photoVenus Bay

Winning Tarwin Valley Images

Amazing images of the beautiful Tarwin Valley were submitted for a photographic competition run by The Tarwin Valley Development group to highlight the amazing people, places and events of the Tarwin Valley.

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Tarwin Valley Location

The Tarwin Valley is approximately 1 hour & 45 mins from Melbourne CBD. It is nestled between Phillip Island to the west, Wilson’s Promontory to the South-East & the Strzelecki Ranges to the North. Find out more

Southern Gippsland Foodmap

Tarwin Valley sits in the very heart of Southern Gippsland. The food map is a great resource to discover the region’s best local produce and explore our local culinariane treatures. Go to the map

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